Oil Mist Detector Md-9 MD-9M

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The Oil Mist Detector MD-9 MD-9M monitors your engine to detect and predict major engine failure.

As diesel engines become progressively more efficient by burning fuel more effectively,

The only remaining significant potential for operational cost saving to be exploited is to introduce features to ensure that unnecessary maintenance is reduced.

Owners and operators of diesel power plants are increasingly seeking ways to replace preventive maintenance schedules based on operational hours by on-condition maintenance programmes that confine maintenance to the actual needs of the engine.

Such a philosophy requires appropriate use of accurate health and condition monitoring equipment that not only tracks critical performance parameters, but also provides suitable protection against more serious damage being inflicted due to incipient seizures.

Oil Mist Detectors MD-9 MD-9M  are an important component part of this changing philosophy.


We have the flowing Oil Mist Detector MD-9 MD-9M,

Oil Mist Detector
Make Type MFG. No. Condition Quantity
Daihatsu MD-9 4H0819 USED 1
Daihatsu MD-9M 96098B USED 1

Condition: In very good condition, fully checked and overhauled.

With this products as above Oil Mist Detector MD-9 MD-9M, we can also supply many different type Oil Mist Detectors and as well as many other automation related products.

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IMG_20150825_181244 md9m IMG_20150825_181555 IMG_20150825_181527


We do have Kidde Graviner Mark 5 , Mark 6, Mark 7, Pumps Such as Grundfos CR3-15 , Auxiliary Engine etc.

We procure our products from the alang ship breaking yard and other ship breaking yards in the world bring them to our facility clean them check them and then it is been recondition with our expert team.


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